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ROSAMONTE - Yerba Mate

ROSAMONTE - Yerba Mate

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ROSAMONTE Yerba Mate  a Traditional Herbal Tea from Argentina.

In 1936 Mr. Demetrio HREÑUK, Son of Ukrainian immigrants, founds a family business with his wife Catalina, dedicated at the beginning to the plantation, harvest and drying of yerba mate. In 1966 he begins marketing elaborated yerba mate in Apostoles, Misiones povince of Argetnina. This is the start up of ROSAMONTE Yerba Mate.

Rosamonte Tradicional con Palo (with stems) 
Rosamonte Especial "Hard Pack" Special Aged 
Rosamonte Suave (Light)
Rosamonte Suave Especial (Light Special Aged)
Rosamonte Suave PLUS (Light PLUS)
Rosamonte Premium
Rosamonte Especial "Hard Pack" Special Aged" - 500 gr. / 1.1 lb.


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