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About us

Paisanas was founded as a direct result of a neglected Latin American community. 
No one in the United States offered a one-stop online shop for Latin American products and services. 
Many people yearned for their homeland goodies and had nowhere to turn. 

We are committed to listening to the Latin American community and fulfilling its wishes.  Furthermore,
the focus is to provide quality products at reasonable prices with a great customer experience.

Paisanas is looking to establish long-term relationships with its customers.  Once you experience Paisanas, you will quickly realize it is your new family and home.  It is exists and flourishes because the customer is king.

Paisanas gives access to every corner and remote area, not just the big cities in the United States, to the wide range selection and delivery of its items.  Stop dreaming of what you use to have or desire.
It’s here, it’s real and available.

Your online answer is Paisanas – Latin American Goodies.