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Paisanas constantly looks for the best rates and shipping methods.  All shipping costs are calculated based on the order shipping weight, shipment destination and most importantly, perishable (food - frozen, meats, dairies, doughs, delis, etc.) vs. non-perishable (dry food and non-food items). 
Perishable items will be sent immediately to you either Overnight or Two Days Shipping. 
Non-perishables items will ONLY will be sent via standard shipping (3 to 4 days).

Note: While orders are normally shipped out within 24 hours after the order is placed (Mon-Fri), we can’t guarantee they will always do so. Perishable orders placed on Wednesday or Thursday may be held until the following Monday to avoid storage warehouses over the weekend.

IMPORTANT: If you place an order containing both perishable AND non-perishable items, you will have two shipping method choices:

  1. One Day Perishable / Standard Shipping Non-Perishable* - you may have your order split in two and shipped separately. The perishable items will be shipped One Day shipping.  Separately, the non-perishable items will be shipped via standard shipping (3 to 5 days). 
    The rate at checkout will combine together the rates for the overnight and the standard shipping.
  2. Two Days Perishable / Standard Shipping Non-Perishable** - order may also be split in two and shipped separately. Two Days shipping for Perishables and standard shipping for Non-perishables.

*One Day Perishable Shipping: you will have to place your order by Thursday Midnight (PST) for Delivery on Saturday, allowing for process time. Otherwise, the Perishable items will be shipped out on following Monday or Business Day if it is a Holiday.

**Two Day Perishable Shipping: you will have to place your order by Wednesday Midnight (PST), for delivery on Friday possible Saturday, allowing for process time. Otherwise, the Perishable items will be shipped out on following Monday or Business Day if it is a Holiday.

Once we have shipped your order you will receive an email with a tracking number. Simply click on the tracking number link and you will be informed of your shipments whereabouts.

If you have any questions regarding the above information and rates give us a call at:
818-988-3303 or you can reach us via email at